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Museum Casa do Pontal

The permanent collection of the Museum has on display, in its 1,500 m2 of galleries, more than 5,000 works, produced from 1950 to the present, representing the different rural and urban cultures of Brazil.

The exposition is organized thematically, according to everyday activities, festivals and celebrations, fantasies and religious lives of the people.

Throughout the galleries there are more than 100 explanatory texts in English, Portuguese and French; photographic enlargements of the artists and the folk festivals, and more than 1,000 titles of works, with the authorship, birthplace of the artist and the decade in which the work was produced. The pieces are contained in more than 100 illuminated glass cases.

The collection were produced using various different types of materials, such as clay, wood, cloth, sand, iron, aluminum, bread dough, straw and wire.

Approximately 200 folk artists from every region of Brazil have their work covering the second half of the XX Century, represented in the exhibit.

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