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Vorrei invitare al Brasile e scoprire una delle città più belle del mondo!

Sul mio lavoro metto la passione e il compromesso per passare molte informazioni e gioia a tutti!

Sará una sodisfazione farvi conscere dei posti unici e la gente piú simpática del mondo, oltre che al clássico tour in Rio.

Offro un tour diverso, d`accordo a suoi interessi e a quello che preferisce.

Le offrirò il meglio di me e della città. Non ci credi? Allora vieni a Rio e per scoprire quel che dico!

Molto semplice.....Ci vediamo presto a Rio!

I'm very familiar with the city of Rio!.

I can shown you and take you to all of the places you'd see on an ordinary tour, they're certainly worthwhile. but I'll also introduce you to our style of life that will give you a diferent prospect of all the regular turist in the city.

A true world citizen who wants to show you a particular point of view of Rio de Janeiro.

I wish that all tourists feel that Rio de Janeiro is very beautiful and hospitable.

What better way to see 'Cidade Maravailhosa' than in the company and security of a guide who loves the city?

So, when will you be arriving? See you soon....

My name is Gerardo, and even if I was born in Argentina, I live and work in Rio de Janeiro.

I came to Brazil for the first time in 1981, but only in 1998 my dream to live here became true!

I'm enchanted with the city of Rio, its history, the people, the ecology….

It's my signature: touring with the “touch” of interaction with the people and the places!

Can be the City, where it is possibly to discover hidden places full of history, or the Botanical Garden, where we learn with wonderful plants from many countries, or the Favelas, where the social situations pictures a complete Brazil.

Many, many other places to be seeing.....

We will be waiting your visit in Rio de Janeiro!

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