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Itinerary in accordance with the day, hour and interest.
Duration: 4 hours.

Market of Saint Cristóvão
Luiz Gonzaga Northeastern Traditions Center

To visit the Market of Saint Cristóvão is a program that attracts around 450 thousand visitors monthly, between tourists and natives of Rio de Janeiro.

Around 700 fixed tents that offer a big choice of the northeastern culture: typical cookery, craftwork, trios , dance by the sound of singers and popular poets, outbursts by pamphlet literature, enjoying a good infrastructure, with traces of dance and stages for shows, 35 restaurants of northeastern cookery, shops of craftwork, public bathrooms.

The Market works since 2003 inside the Tent of Saint Cristóvão, a modern Brazilian architecture, reformed by the Town hall with the objective to preserve this traditional space of the northeastern culture in the city.

Important Note:
Check functioning days and hours.
Tuesday to Thursday open from 10 am to 4 pm.

Friday open from 10 am and close only Sunday to 10 pm.

Hippie Market in Ipanema

At the General Osório Square, today one of the tourist attractions in the city, enjoy the tents with several kinds of craftworks, clothes and souvenirs from Rio de Janeiro, which, up to the end of the decade of 60, was a place used for leisure and recreation.

Long ago, some plastic artists, without space to show their works, began to occupy the square, exposing and selling their master pieces. It was the beginning of the Market Hippie.
Important Note:
The Market only happens ONLY to every Sunday.

EVERY Weak Day at morning time in different areas of the city!

Commerce of foodstuffs in square and streets, in the Rio de Janeiro is a practice since the Colonial Rio existed! Around 182 markets is spread in the whole city, which comes to a number of around 6.000 market traders employed, properly licensed, that guarantees indirect survival of around 30.000 persons. Besides, the markets still move considerable volume of fruit and vegetables and fishes in the city, according to demonstrative down:

Main fruits: 10 %
Fruits less popular: 5 %
Vegetables, roots, spices and
seeds in general: 10 %
Green: 17 %
Fish: 40 %

Such percentage comes to a monthly average of 12.229,92 tons of products, a monthly financial movement which turns a relevant economic activity for the city, offering a chance to thousand people of survival by their income with the market business

1th Saturday of the month

A cultural landmark in downtown lined with 100 years old houses with the main activity is trade antique furniture and objects.

On the first Saturday of the month, along the entire length of the street, happen a festive atmosphere with performance of music, shows and even dance numbers.

Weak days

The oldest Jewish and Arabic shop district or the traditional SAARA the biggest diversities for very popular places for shopping clothing, toys, gifts, items for the hair, nails, makeup, decoration, housing, party, carnival costumes’ and anything you can imagine.

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